Liberation Healing Arts

Yoga for Queers and Misfits / InQlusive Yoga
with Patty


May 5 (Wednesday)
at 5:45 pm (GMT-04:00)

Class length
80 minutes

Online - remote class via Zoom

Engage in Community Building and Community Healing while practicing mixed-level, life-affirming yoga with Queer, Gender NonConforming, Counter-Cultural, Bigger-Bodied, Hairy-Bodied, & otherwise ‘Othered’ folks.  

Suggested donation: $13-20.
Pay what you can - subsidized passes available for $10, $8 or $5.
After registering - please make your donation via Venmo, Paypal or Square.

This class is trauma-responsive, nervous-system informed, fat- and body-positive, and rooted in anti-oppression and collective liberation.

Durham queers and misfits have enjoyed this class for more than TEN YEARS NOW. Come find out why!