Liberation Healing Arts

Somatics for Queers [June cohort] SERIES OF CLASSES
June 15, 2020 June 29, 2020

Total # of Classes

Class length
90 minutes

Online - remote class via Zoom

Somatics for Queers: Resilience Skills for Collective Liberation
Facilitated by Patty Adams
Mondays, 7-8:30pm Eastern
3 Part Series runs Monday June 15, 22, 29 - Participation in the whole series encouraged
To sign up for one class online [Drop-in], go here: June 15 Drop-in | June 22 Drop-in | June 29 Drop-In

The suggested rate is $39-60 for the series / $13-20 per session. You can offer more if you're able, or less if you need to. Please assess your capacity to support this work, and give at a level that is meaningful and manageable for you. Everyone's economics differ, and I ask you--and trust you--to discern what's possible. Know this: whatever you give helps to subsidize accessible mental health care and healing arts for queer and trans people, and other activists, organizers, and liberation workers (my primary work). And, a portion of what you give will go directly and immediately to Black liberation work. 

After you register for the series, you can make a one-time payment to cover all three sessions (preferred, if possible!), or you can donate each week. Methods: Venmo (preferred), Paypal, Square

This is series is carefully curated and intentionally facilitated by Patty Adams to explore somatic skills for self-regulation and resilience. Learn tools and practices to support you in accessing your embodied wisdom in service of skillful, consistent, and grounded action in the world. 

Rooted in anti-oppression values and praxis, this politicized somatics space will center LGBTQIA+ folks but is inclusive to all those who are wanting to show up fully in service to the work of liberation.

Patty is a fat cis white queer therapist and healing justice worker with more than 20 years experience working at the intersections of social movements and healing justice. 

There are many great folks doing this type of work from their own social locations and rooted in their own identities. If you are seeking work led by Black folks, please consider the work of Prentis Hemphill, Lama Rod Owens, Resmaa Menakem, rev Angel kyodo williams, Michelle Cassandra Johnson, Octavia Raheem, Soma Integrative Wellness, and others. Feel free to share with me other Black healers, especially queer and trans identified folks, you follow and whose work we should be lifting up at this time. 

This moment and this movement need all of us bringing our full selves to the work. 

And many of us arrived to this moment already engaged in deep personal work, already struggling under the staggering weight of intersectional oppression, disaster capitalism, and intergenerational trauma.

We need tools to meet us at the level of our individual suffering while also helping move us towards greater collective capacity. 

We need skills to support us in the everyday moments of dysregulation and stress while also helping us take our commitments to racial justice and collective liberation to the next level.

We need practices to help us feel and process and move through our own feelings and experiences while also helping us stay present to the pain and suffering of those chronically targeted by systems of violence and domination.

It is a false dichotomy to believe we must be fully healed or completely at peace within ourselves before we can take effective action in the world, or that we must abandon and betray ourselves entirely in the service of the larger collective project of liberation. It is not either/or, but both/and.

Join this collective practice space to support you in engaging in the both/and - the dialectic, the dynamic balance. Never giving up on the daily work of building conditions for true freedom for all beings.

The class takes place on...

  • June 15 at 7:00 pm (Monday)
  • June 22 at 7:00 pm (Monday)
  • June 29 at 7:00 pm (Monday)


This class series has already finished. Please check our schedule for more classes.